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Portugal Tropical

Portugal Tropical
This new work in progress collects phonograph records of artists from portuguese speaking countries. To collect and to make available the original songs as well as the graphic work is part of an investigation that will be brought up to date regularly. No matter the origin of the phonograph the objective is to gather in the same place this cultural heritage. From Portugal to Africa, passing through South America and Asia this is a voyage among the tides of sound, melody and rhythm. It’s an adventure promising a lot of tropical warm discoveries.

Portugal Tropical is about portuguese language and “exotic” rhythms.
Visit & Listen here:

2014 > …


Matéria Prima

To work at Matéria Prima, provides privileged contact with the different departments of the music management.
After more than ten years of cooperation there are a few highlights divided between texts/communication, posters, curating, consulting and performing.
To manage a record store is much more than selling music.
Extra graphics and curatorial services by Miuk and Jettoki.
Porto / Lisbon / Porto – 2003 > …

Visit the store at Rua Miguel Bombarda, 127 (Porto)

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Muesli Colectivo

Muesli Colectivo started at the Fine Arts School of Oporto and served as a platform to publicise new experiences in recorded sounds and graphics.

Noites Belas; Bye Bye
Porto – 1999 > 2007

Graphics by Jettoki / Miuk / José Cardoso

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