1976 > V. N. Famalicão > Portugal
2001 > Degree in Visual Arts (Paintings) > Fine Arts School of Oporto
2013 > Master Degree (Sound Art) > FCSH U. Nova Lisbon

2004 > Portuguese young creators award with the conceptual work “Music Cage”.

This body of work explores both visual and sound experiences.
The visuals can be described as figurative representation using the drawing and
painting as medium.  Ink, pencil, watercolour and acrylics are the most
common tools used in the creative process but there are also digital tools traces
such as Photoshop and Illustrator.
Co-founder along with Tiago Pina of Serge Against Bourg illustration colective.

The interest for the sounds takes form in selecting, collecting, dj-ing, selling, buying,
investigating and studying all the physical and experimental formats where sound can be found.

Co-founder along with Tiago Pina and Rui Oliveira of “Muesli Colectivo” (Porto – 1999).
Matéria Prima’s” Lisbon store manager (2007 > present day) – regular collaborator since 2003.